Pastor Brad Qualls       Co-Pastor Jonelle Hammack

July 2018


IN GOD WE TRUST…….Do we really? Is our country’s trust in God?

How about our schools? Is their trust still in God? Even our churches of today….where is their trust, really? And bringing it down to a very personal level, where is our trust?

It is easy to say it with our mouth….I trust God with ALL of my heart, but when the real pressure is on, where is our trust then??? Who do we call on? Where do we run? When the doctor gives you a bad report…when your bank account is empty….when your kids are out of control and your spouse is threatening to leave….when you’ve lost your job….Where is your trust then?

David shows us how to really put our trust in God, in the book of Psalms….Look at it with me –

In chapter 1, he gives us several very important instructions on

How to Put Your Trust in God…

  1. Do NOT hang out with the ungodly, share the good news with them, but don’t hang out with them all the time!
  2. Delight yourself in God & His Word.
  3. Get into the Word daily {day & night even}.
  4. Be firmly planted – Know what and in whom you believe.

In chapter 27, David shows us how to Declare our Faith, NOT our fears. He tells us to wait on the Lord and to be of good courage.

Chapter 37 tells us some super important things to remember when the pressure is on….

  1. Do NOT fret because of wicked people.
  2. Trust in the Lord and DO good.
  3. Delight yourself in the Lord….enjoy being in His presence.
  4. Commit “your” way to the Lord.
  5. Trust Him….deliberately and on purpose.
  6. Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him!
  7. Do NOT give in to anger
  8. And again, do NOT fret!

And finally in chapter 46 again, David Declares who God is in his life…

  1. He is our refuge and strength.
  2. He is with us right in the middle of the troubles we go through.
  3. We do NOT have to be afraid.
  4. We need to be still and Know that He is God all by Himself and
  5. He is with us all the time!

Now what we have to understand is that we do have an adversary, the devil and 1 Peter 5:8 tells us that he is walking around searching for those he can devour. He will lie to you through your thoughts as well as through the words of others, he will distract you and he will lead you into places that you have no business being. We must learn to recognize him and give him absolutely NO place in our lives.

Understand this, the closer you draw to God and put your trust in Him, the closer He will draw to you and the devil will have to run away, in Jesus’ Name!

We are more than conquerors through Jesus and the more we realize this, the easier it is to put our trust in God our Father.