DESK 2022

January 2020

Pastor Brad Qualls
Co-Pastor Jonelle Hammack

      Pastor Brad recently preached a message about “The Gift That Keeps On Giving”. He talked about how Jesus brought something into this world that will never wear out...never grow old....never pass away. We need to focus on Him. We must let go of the world’s traditions. These will drag you down and keep you in a rut all through life. But when you focus on Jesus, the Supernatural One begins to live and work inside of you, and you will begin to experience a Peace and a Joy like you’ve never known before..
      We need to start living as the eternal beings that we are!
Jesus showed us what a man can do when he is full of the Word. And His Spirit lives within me, which causes me to live forever. This body may pass away, but my spirit will Never pass away.
The little song says “I’m Gonna live Forever, I’m Gonna die NO Never!”
       What are you focused on? What is your vision? We need to focus on Jesus and look beyond what is going on in this mixed up world! Jesus is the gift that keeps on giving and Nothing in this life matters compared to what we have inherited in Jesus! Jesus needs to be your Supernatural Hero!
Get your focus on who you are, in Christ and His power that is at work with in you! You have Eternal Life in Jesus and Jesus Never stops giving!
      John 4:10 says that He is always with us. He told the woman at the well that she did not know the gift of God who was speaking to her. Jesus IS the gift of God. He is our Living Water.
Living water springs from an unfailing source and it Never stops flowing! This is our Jesus! The world cannot stop Him! Put your focus on Him!
       Get your focus off the world. Get your focus off all your troubles in life. Get your focus off yourself and get your focus on the Gift of God, Jesus, your King of kings and your Lord of lords. He will never leave you or forsake you. And whatever you need, He will meet that need....Because Jesus is the Gift that will keep on giving! Focus on Him and follow Him into 2022!


By Jonelle Hammack 9-10-2020

Jesus is my Rock and my fortress,
My Shield and the Strength of my life.
I can call upon Him during any trouble
And He will deliver me from all strife.

When I am surrounded by the enemy,
And fear is flooding my soul,
I cry out to my forever Hero
Knowing that He will make me whole.

Jesus is my deliverance and victory.
He is with me where ever I go.
His loving arms support and keep me,
He lifts me up above every foe.

He makes the darkness turn to light.
He makes the crooked places straight.
His ways are always perfect,
And He is never late!

He enlarges the path before me,
So that my feet will not slip along the way.
He holds me up with His righteousness.
He is with me every day.

He delivers me from the striving people.
He makes me the head and not the tail.
As I put my trust in Him alone,
Victory will always prevail.

Yes, Jesus is my forever Hero.
He is always by my side.
He brings me through every situation,
As long as in Him and His Word I abide! 

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