Here at LWC, we feel that getting into the Word is a major necessity, so if you haven’t got in on our Wed. night Bible Studies or our GPS Groups on Sunday evenings, we encourage you to do so.

Starting this month on Wed. nights, we will begin our Bible Study in the book of Matthew. Get you a spiral notebook and be prepared to take a few notes, as we will be going through the New Testament finding out how to overcome those battles in our minds!!!

And on Sunday evenings, we split up into the Men’s Group in the Ark and the Ladies at Jonelle’s home for a very casual “Share Time” of God’s Word and Works in our lives!

The more you get involved, the more Victory you will see manifested in your life!

So, no don’t make a New Year’s Resolution, make a Quality Decision to get more involved in the Word and in your church than you ever have before! You will be glad you did!!!